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What We Do

AI Consultancy

Our team of AI consulting experts and data scientists will help you design customized end-to-end AI strategies.

AI consultations would help you take full advantage of your collected data and boost business outcomes.

AI Solutions

We can support your internal AI teams by developing advanced machine learning-driven algorithms and tools.

We can enpower your scheduled or ongoing AI projects with sustainable expertise.

AI Transformation

To transform into an AI-powered company, your executives should understand what AI can do for your enterprise.

With our Executive AI Training Program, your management teams will learn how to develop AI strategies and collaborate smoothly with AI teams.

How We Do

Through the following steps, we design end-to-end AI solutions to achieve maximum profitability and productivity based on your company's needs.

We evaluate your business and goals to identify where AI and Machine Learning could enhance your business or product.
We build a roadmap for the project through analyzing possible AI/ML solutions with respect to their ROI and selecting the one(s) with the most business outcomes.
We prepare your sample data for ML modeling and training. We design a fully capable AI solution ready to scale with more data.
Once our POC model is up to standard and addresses your goals, we will deploy it into production.
We will support the process with ongoing re-training and updates.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has a significant role across many industries.
With the digital transformation fully underway, we can help your company implementing AI solutions to solve different challenges.


The use of AI in healthcare industry has the potential to assist hospitals in many aspects of patient care and administrative processes.

Fields of application include medical imaging to detect anomalies with greater precision, diagnosis assist, identifying medication errors, supply chain management & administrative solutions.


AI offers major opportunities for banks and insurance companies. Solutions mainly focus on predictive analytics, credit decisions, risk management, fraud prevention, inteligent trading systems, personalized banking & process automation.

AI is changing how we do finances and it will continue to do so.

Retail / Ecommerce

AI & MI have become key elements in the digitalization of in-store retail by personalizing the shopping experience and deeply understanding your customer.

With the power of AI, you can identify patterns, trends, and customer insights to achieve more successful sales figures and long-term customer loyalty.


Over the last several years, pharma and biotech companies are adopting more efficient, automated processes that incorporate data-driven decisions and use predictive analytics tools.

AI solutions being applied in the biopharmaceutical industry today include predicting treatment results, processing biomedical & clinical data, manufacturing process improvement, drug discovery & design.

City / Transportation

Any city can be transformed into a Smart City with the help of AI technologies. AI is changing the way cities operate, deliver, and maintain public amenities.

To provide sustainable solutions to habitants, many AI solutions can be implemented such as AI-based decision support systems for transportation planning, vehicle parking management, traffic demand modeling, automatic incident detection & administrative automation.


Deeply knowing your customers and streamlining multiple data sources with AI driven solutions, can make a huge difference in telecommunications industry.

Companies in this sector are often faced with challenges like complex nature of networking systems, improper utilization of resources, network and transmission failures, ever-increasing bandwidth requirements and so on. AI provides intelligible answers to all these problems.

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Meet Our Team

Ferit Toska

Ferit Toska, PhD

Head of AI & Machine Learning

After receiving his doctoral degree from University of Florida, Dr. Toska worked as a research scientist leading numerous AI & Deep Learning projects in the Machine Learning Lab of the University of Florida Department of Computer Science.

He has strong expertise in developing AI solutions in response to business demands and strong ability to follow the most up-to-date research-driven solutions.

Dr. Toska is also known for his innovative solutions and a new learning approach he developed for deep neural networks can be found among his publications.

Gökhan Pişkin

Gökhan Pişkin, MS

Head of Data Science

He received his Master of Science degree from Middle East Technical University and developed a career dedicated to Information Technologies. He is an expert in numerous fields of data science including database design, data analysis and data mining.

He has designed, developed and managed numerous IT projects for enterprise level companies in various countries such as ERP applications and robot softwares.

Retail banking processes, consumer finance products, resource planning and process analysis are among his specialties.

Cem Çakır

Cem Çakır, MBA

Head of Business Development

Over 20 years of extensive business development and active management experience in various sectors, Çakır has expertise in process analysis, digitization of business processes and business model innovation.

He led and consulted numerous business development and digitization projects in leading global companies, defining, designing and implementing enterprise solutions with proven track records.

Having recevied his BS & MBA degrees from Boğaziçi University, Çakır also has strong knowledge and skills in marketing & sales.

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